Data Publication and Sharing

Contribute to OBIS through IndOBIS

The interest of IndOBIS is focused on the observations of the occurrence of identifiable marine fauna at a specific place and time, with special coverage of the coasts and waters of the Indian Ocean. The data must be georeferenced in decimal latitude and longitude coordinates. The taxonomic quality is of paramount importance, hence identification done by biologists or qualified professionals will be preferred. OBIS also accepts data providing details of biotic, abiotic parameters and methodologies associated with the occurrence of marine species.

Anyone collecting data and information on the occurrence of marine water species in India can make a valuable contribution to IndOBIS. The list of data providers (individuals/institutions) will be published on the respective dataset landing page.

IndOBIS welcomes the following data:

  • Occurrence data
  • eDNA and DNA-derived data
  • Museum collection data
  • Literature-based data

If interested in contributing in any way to IndOBIS, contact Data Manager. The easiest way is to send your data as an email attachment to us in a prescribed format. The template for providing data can be downloaded here.

If the data are part of a large (monitoring) database at a regional or national level and constantly updated, and the data providers are authorized to share data with us, you can use IPT toolkit available at IndOBIS. Please contact the Data Manager, to open an account in the IndOBIS node, in which you will be provided with a username and password to create your own resources in IPT.

If you require further information or additional explanation, you can check out our FAQ section or contact us

Upon submission, the following steps will be undertaken by the data management team:

  1. Process the data
  2. Run quality control (QC) procedures on the data and provide feedback to the provider
  3. Publish the data online
  4. Notify the data provider on the QC results and data publication