First record of armoured sea robin from Andaman Sea

Peristedion amblygenys

Phylum: Chordata Haeckel, 1874

Class: Actinopterygii Klein, 1885

Order: Scorpaeniformes Green wood et al. 1966

Family: Peristediidae Jordan and Hubbs, 1925

Genus: Peristedion Lacepede, 1801

Peristedion amblygenys Fowler, 1938

Collection: Andaman Sea, 12⁰ 83’N, 93⁰ 21′ E, 312- 441 m, September 2010.

Voucher No.: CMLRE 280 16 09

Description: A species of peristedion with a pair of attenuated, long, flat, rostral extensions, as long as snout; anteriorly directed spines on posterior bony plates of upper lateral row. Color in fresh unknown. In preservative both dorsal and ventral surface of the body uniform creamy white, black color is retained on the margin of dorsal fin rays; pectoral whitish, with blackish terminally and transverse light brown band.

Distribution: Andaman Sea and Philippines in depths of 194-801 m

Distribution map:

Map showing locations of previous records (circle) and present record from Indian waters (square) of Peristedion amblygenys

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