New species of Bathysphyraenops from Indian Ocean

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopteri

Order: Perciformes

Family: Howellidae Ogilby, 1899

Bathysphyraenops radhae Rajeev et al. 2022

Collection: Indian Ocean. 00°49.5240 S,67°56.3850 E;  04° 32.2880 S, 60°48.1880 E.

Voucher No.: IO/SS/FIS/00693, IO/SS/FIS/00695

Description: A species of Bathysphyraenops with snout rounded, not laterally compressed; dorsal contour more steeply raised in front than above the eye; ventral margin of lachrymal convex; hind margin of preopercle with one to two flat spines and a concavity above its angle; 23 pseudobranchial filaments in 56 mm SL adult, and spinules on scales around pectoral fin strongly reduced or absent.

Biological association: None

Remarks: NA

Distribution: Indian Ocean

Distribution map:


Identified by: Rajeev R

Publication: Rajakrishnan, R., Rajeeshkumar, M., Cubelio, S. S., & Prokofiev, A. M. (2022). A new species of Bathysphyraenops from the Indian Ocean with comments on the genus (Teleostei: Acropomatiformes: Howellidae). Journal of Fish Biology, 101(6), 1522–1529.

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