New species of deep-sea anglerfish from Western Indian Ocean

Oneirodes sajeevani

Phylum: Chordata Haeckel, 1874

Class: Actinopterygii Klein, 1885

Order: Lophiiformes Garman, 1899

Family: Oneirodidae Gill, 1878

Genus: Oneirodes Lütken, 1871

Oneirodes sanjeevani Rajeeshkumar, 2017

Collection: Western Indian Ocean, 00.878 S, 67.598 E, 45m. mid-water trawl, 380–600 m depth), bottom depth 1862 m, May 2015.

Voucher No: CMLRE IO/SS/FIS/00437

Description: A species of the genus Oneirodes as diagnosed by Pietsch (1974), differing from all previously described species in having a simple, long, laterally compressed, posterior escal appendage. It is further distinguished by having a relatively short illicium, shape of the subopercle bone and the following details of escal morphology: anterior appendage internally pigmented; a pair of unbranched, anterolateral appendages; terminal papilla with a single distal spot of pigment; and a pair of fleshy, stout, medial appendages, each divided distally into two or three (on each side) short, slender filaments.

Distribution: Western Indian Ocean. Depth of 380-600 m.

Distribution map:

Map showing area of collection of Oneirodes sajeevani

Identified by: Rajeesh Kumar M P

Publication: M. P. Rajeeshkumar, K. M. Meera & M. Hashim (2016) A New Species of the Deep-Sea Ceratioid Anglerfish Genus Oneirodes (Lophiiformes: Oneirodidae) from the Western Indian Ocean.  Copeia 105, No. 1, 2017, 82–84

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