New species of Sipuncula from India

Phylum: Annelida

Order: Sipuncula Stephen, 1965

Family: Aspidosiphonidae Baird, 1868

Aspidosiphon (Akrikos) carnicobarensis Dixit and Silva-Morales, 2023

Collection: FORV Sagar Sampada St no 35505; Car Nicobar Island, India (09°18.02´N, 92°52.02´E); water depth: 205 m

Voucher No.: CMLRE IO/SS/SIP/00021 (HOLOTYPE) ; CMLRE IO/SS/SIP/00022 to CMLRE IO/SS/SIP/00028 (Paratypes).

Description: Body coiled, dense flattened papillae on the anterior half of the trunk. Introvert longer than the trunk with numerous scattered unidentate hooks and papillae. Anal shield well developed, dark brown in color with 16 to 17 groves on the dorsal surface. Caudal shield translucent, easily noticeable with 22 to 24 thin grooves.

Biological association: NA

Remarks: Specimens of the new species were found in small gastropod shells of 10 to 12 mm in length with only a small portion of introverts protruding out while the trunk coiled entirely inside the shell.

Distribution:  Car Nicobar Island, India. Known only from type locality so far.

Distribution map:

Identified by: Sudhanshu Dixit

Publication: Dixit, S., Silva-Morales, I. & Saravanane, N 2023. The genus Aspidosiphon Diesing, 1851 (Sipuncula: Aspidosiphonidae): description of a new shell dwelling species, notes on Aspidosiphon (Paraspidosiphon) laevis de Quatrefages, 1866 and current status from India. Bulletin of Marine Science 99(3):339–352.

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