A Long-Barbeled Astronesthes Species from the Indian Ocean

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopteri

Order: Stomiiformes

Family: Stomiidae Bleeker, 1859

Astronesthes formosana Liao, Chen and Shao, 2006

Collection: Indian Ocean. 05°08′ N, 69°03′ E; 00°07′ S, 67°59′ E; 08°20′ N, 72°54′ E.

Voucher: IO/SS/FIS/00672; IO/SS/FIS/00673; IO/SS/FIS/00709.

Description: Chin barbel long, its relative length increases with body growth. It reaches 90% of the head length in large (SL > 70mm) individuals. The number of vertebrae is 45-49. D 17-20, А 13-16. А spot of luminous tissue оn gill соуег roughly repeats its shape in larger individuals, and encompasses the largest part of its surface, but with SL 35-40 mm it takes the form of а small spot in the lower part of gill соуег. Serial photophores are small, separated by wide gaps. IC 50-54. The IV series forms а bend under the base of the pectoral fin. There is а small spot of luminous tissue on the head behind nostrils and spare spots throughout the body; А row of enlarged additional photophores between the rows of regular photophores is absent.

Biological association: none

Remarks: First record from the Indian Ocean

Distribution: Indo – Pacific

Distribution map:

Identified by: Rajeev R

Publication: Rajeev R., Rajeeshkumar M. P, Meera K. M., Karati K. K., Saravanane N. 2022. On Two Long-Barbeled Astronesthes (cyaneus) (Stomiidae) Species from the Indian Ocean. Journal of Ichthyology. 62 (5): 739–748. 10.1134/S0032945222050149

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