A Long-Barbeled Astronesthes Species from the Indian EEZ

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopteri

Order: Stomiiformes

Family: Stomiidae Bleeker, 1859

Astronesthes cf. indopacificus Parin and Borodulina, 1997

Collection: Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. 08°05′ N, 76°21′ E; 11°07′ N, 75°06′ E; 11°04′ N, 72°01′ E; 10°24′ N, 73°18′ E; 10°13′ N, 73°28′ E; 11°46′ N, 73°40′ E; 08°40′ N, 75°58′ E; 11°08′ N, 80°32′ E; 21°45′ N, 66°29′ E;  13°01′ N, 65°31′ E; 15°58′ N, 65°29′ E.

Voucher No.: IO/SS/FIS/0066; IO/SS/FIS/00663; IO/SS/FIS/00662; IO/SS/FIS/00664; IO/SS/FIS/00665; IO/SS/FIS/00666; IO/SS/FIS/00660; IO/SS/FIS/00671; IO/SS/FIS/00667; IO/SS/FIS/00668; IO/SS/FIS/00669; IO/SS/FIS/00670

Description: IP photophores are curved rather than linear. Luminous tissue is prominent on the gill cover between the preopercle and opercle in larger specimens (SL > 50 mm), the lower part being more prominent than the upper. Posterior part of the lower jaw with a pair of prominent irregular luminous tissues. The Head, jaws, dorsum, and body are more luminous. Chin barbel long, about 0.2-0.8 times head length and increasing with fish size. The terminal end of the barbel is slightly swollen, and the apical tip is rounded.

Biological association: none

Remarks: Range extension in Indian EEZ.

Distribution: Indo – Pacific

Distribution map:

Identified by: Rajeev R

Publication: Rajeev R., Rajeeshkumar M. P, Meera K. M., Karati K. K., Saravanane N. 2022. On Two Long-Barbeled Astronesthes (cyaneus) (Stomiidae) Species from the Indian Ocean. Journal of Ichthyology. 62 (5): 739–748. 10.1134/S0032945222050149.

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