First record of a deep-sea anglerfish from Indian Ocean

Ceratias uranoscopus

Phylum: Chordata Haeckel, 1874

Class: Actinopterygii Klein, 1885

Order: Lophiiformes Garman, 1899

Family: Ceratiidae Gill, 1861

Genus: Ceratias Krøyer, 1845

Ceratias uranoscopus Murray, 1877

Collection:  Andaman Sea (Eastern Indian Ocean), latitude 11° 4′N, 92° 8′E;  850– 900 m , January 2015.

Voucher No: CMLRE 334 12 10

Description: Illicium length 14.0–28.8 % of SL; simple esca, escal bulb lacking escal appendages; absence of vomerine teeth

Distribution: Atlantic and Pacific and Indian Ocean, at depth of 500 to 1000 m.

Distribution map:

Map showing locations of previous records (circle) and present record from Indian waters (square) of Ceratias uranoscopus

Identified by: Rajeesh Kumar M P

Publication: Rajeesh kumar M.P., Vinu Jacob., Sumod K.S., Sanjeevan V.N. and Hashim M. (2016) Three new records of rare deep-sea Anglerfishes (Lophiiformes: Ceratioidei) from the Northern Indian Ocean. Marine Biodiversity, Springer DOI 10.1007/s12526-015-0437-2

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