New record of deep-water dairoidid crab from Andaman Sea

Dairoides seafdeci

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Malacostraca Latreille, 1802

Order: Decapoda Latreille, 1802

Family: Dairoididae Števčić, 2005

Dairoides seafdeci Takeda and Ananpongsuk, 1991

Collection: Andaman Sea, 13.22°N, 93.18°E, 299 m, 27.11.2011 (FORVSS 292 St. 34), High Speed Demersal Trawl (Crustacean Version); 13.00°N, 93.11°E, 308 m, 28.11.2011 (FORVSS 292 St. 38), HSDT (CV); 12.54°N, 93.15°E, 300 m, 10.04.2016 (FORVSS 349 leg II stn. 5), HSDT (CV). Bay of Bengal, 9.52°N, 92.60°E, 633 m, 27.01.2015 (FORVSS 334 leg II stn. 3A2), High Opening Trawl model net.

Voucher No.: CMLRE IO/SS/BRC/00162 to IO/SS/BRC/00165

Description: Carapace subpentagonal, largely covered with plates of truncated and fused granules, frontal margin spiniform; press-button on sterno-abdominal cavity a rounded tubercle on posterior edge of sternite; pereiopods 2-5 with longitudinal crests on dorsal surfaces of anterior margin of merus, dorsal surface of carpus, anterior margin and dorsal surface of propodus.

Biological association: None.

Remarks: First distributional record from the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone.

Distribution: Andaman Sea of Thailand, and Andaman and Nicobar archipelagoes. Depth range: 299–633 m.

Distribution map:


Identified by: Vinay P. Padate

Publication: Padate V.P., Amritha K.M., Sherine Sonia Cubelio, Saravanane N., Sudhakar M., Ng P.K.L. (2020) Deep-water brachyura from the surveys of the FORV Sagar Sampada off the Andaman and Nicobar archipelagos, India. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 35: 101-117. DOI: 10.1016/j.rsma.2020.101117


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