First record of Baeolidia moebii (Nudibranchia: Aeolidiidae) from India

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Gastropoda Cuvier, 1795

Order: Nudibranchia Cuvier, 1817

Family: Aeolidiidae Gray, 1827

Baeolidia moebii (Bergh, 1888)

Collection: Agatti Island (10°51’58”N 72°10’57’’E); 10 m depth; 03.5.2018

Voucher No.: CMLRE IO/IT/GAS/00021 (alcohol preserved); CMLRE IO/IT/GAS/00022 (Formalin preserved)

Description: Body elongated and narrow towards the posterior end. Background colour brown with numerous white coloured spots on dorsum. Oral tentacles and lamellated rhinophores are speckled with irregularly spaced white spots. Oral tentacles white-tipped. A brown patch bordered with white on the head region between oral tentacles. Cerata arranged in 7–9 arches with 5 or 6 cerata on either side.

Biological association: None

Remarks: The specimens were observed together under a small rock in the lagoon’s sandy substratum.

Distribution:  Agatti Island, Lakshadweep, India. Also known from the Philippines, Hawaii, Cyprus, and Marshal Islands.

Distribution map:

Distribution of Beledia moebii in world’s oceans depicting the year of record. * Type locality, # places from where B. moebii is sequenced for molecular data.

Identified by: Sudhanshu Dixit

Publication: Dixit, S.,Vishnu, K. V., Ameri, S., Manjebrayakat, H. & Saravanane, 2022. First record of Baeolidia moebii Bergh, 1888 (Nudibranchia: Aeolidiidae) from India based on integrative taxonomy. Journal of Conchology (2022), Vol.44 (3): 277 – 286

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